Book Review: Daisy Jones and the Six


It’s the book one of your girlfriends has probably already told you about – Daisy Jones and the Six. Get ready for a while ride of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Daisy Jones has it all by the bucket-load. If you loved Almost Famous and have a penchant for 70s music, this is the kind of book you will devour and pass on to anyone who will take your recommendation!

The story is written as though the author is interviewing the band. After a while you will struggle to remember that this is indeed fiction and before too long, you will find yourself trying to Google them (we certainly did!).

The Plot

The story follows the coming of age of Daisy Jones, a wild child who has dreams of making it big. Daisy forms a legendary band but before too long, the audience watches on through the subsequent demise (at the height of their fame – no less). The clever interview style of this book gives you an insight into each of the characters and really makes you believe that you might be reading about an actual band. It also allows for each of the ‘interviewees’ to tell their side of the story, leaving you to wonder which version of the truth is real.

This book is fun, hedonistic and quite the rollercoaster of a read. Despite the chaos of it all, you’ll find yourself compelled to keep going and find out what happens next!

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Star Rating


Daisy Jones and the six is a delightful novel that will immediately make you want to play all your favourite music from the 60s and 70s. You’ll probably even finish the read wishing Daisy Jones and the Six were a real band. We’ve given this vintage-style romp a 7/10 and absolutely recommend you add it to your summer reading list if you’re after something absorbing and irresistibly cool.

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