The Best Wineries in South Africa’s Cape Winelands


Africa has a plethora of activities and things to entertain tourists on a variety of budgets, but if you are an avid wine enthusiast, you are not going to want to miss the wineries of South Africa’s Cape Winelands. There are a lot to choose from, but to help you narrow things down a bit, here are our picks for the best wineries in the region. 

Boschendal South Africa | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Boschendal South Africa | WORLD OF WANDERLUST


Experience a historic look at the wine industry from a winery that has been in continual existence since 1685. Boschendal is among the oldest wineries in the region and boasts more than just an epic wine tasting experience. They offer a range of accommodations for those who desire to be engulfed with the winery experience, from farm stays to the immensely popular Werf cottages. Each cottage comes with its own pool and is a full home in its own private setting. Boschendal also offers a variety of workshops and even horseback riding experiences. 

Babel restaurant | WORLD OF WANDERLUST


Another of Africa’s oldest wineries is Babylonstoren. Apart from providing some of the best wines in the region, Babylonstoren has become a destination in itself. Unlike other wineries that merely offer the finest luxury experience, Babylonstoren has managed to find a way to comfortably mix luxury with a sense of getting back to nature as well. Their Farm hotel is renowned for offering pure luxury in a simplistic setting with whitewashed walls and comfortably simple furnishings and even the restaurant on the property offers a farm to fork experience that cannot be matched. They provide seasonal produce grown right on the property, so you always know where your food comes from. 

Cape Winelands South Africa | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Franschhoek Wine Tram

The Cape Winelands can be a lot to take in and driving from one vineyard to another can be an exhausting task, so why not leave the driving to the Franschhoek Wine Tram. The tram takes visitors through the 300 year history of the region and offers the experience of all wineries in the area. Where you might think such a system would merely be on one line, Franschhoek Wine Tram is actually a network of eight different lines to visitors can hop on and hop off as they please for a fun filled wine tasting event at the Cape Winelands finest wineries. 

Delaire Graff South Africa

Delaire Graff

If luxury is what you seek on your wine excursion through Cape Winelands, you will find it at Delaire Graff. From the finest restaurants in the region to a renowned luxurious spa experience you will be engulfed with luxury from the minute you step onto the grounds of Delaire Graff. Others may have tried to mimic the experience to be had at Delaire Graff, but none can beat the exceptionally high quality experience of this winery. The staff at each restaurant, Delaire Graff Restaurant and Indochine, are a wealth of wine knowledge and will help you pair your perfectly prepared meal with the ideal wine to bring out the best for your dining experience. 


Jordan Wine Estate

Jordan Wine Estate is not the oldest winery in the Cape Winelands, but it will certainly make a significant impact on those who visit. What began as a mere land purchase in 1982 grew into a spectacular winery founded in 1993. Today, Jordan Wine Estate has continued to grow and thrive being named in the top 100 South African wines, a double platinum award. 

Not only will you enjoy exceptionally crafted, award winning wine at Jordan Wine Estates, but a culinary journey emphasized by their endless selection of available cheeses at the Jordan Restaurant. Coupled with the high quality farm to table dining experience, this restaurant features an entire room devoted to chees so diners can select the cheese they want for their very own cheese board course during the meal. It is an unmatched experience all around at Jordan Wine Estate. 

Delheim Wine Estates

For those looking for a well rounded experience of both one of a kind wines and high quality outdoor entertainment, Delheim Wine Estates is the perfect place to find it all. Sustainability is the key ingredient at Delheim Wine Estates. They believe in following holistic, sustainable practices that allow them to work better with the land rather than forcing themselves upon it. Their results have drastically paid off and currently, they offer a range of wines including Pinotage Rose. A one of a kind dessert wine only available from Delhiem Wine Estates. 

Delheim Wine Estates is another winery that offers an experience rather than just a place to find exceptional wine. Visitors here can expect a range of seasonal activities that change throughout the year and a hike through the Simonsberg Mountains are always an enjoyable experience. If you want wine with adventure and luxury, Delheim Wine Estates is the winery for you. 

Babylonstoren review | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

South Africa has proven to be a wine lovers dream destination and there are a wide variety of available wineries to choose from. Our best advice is to take the time to explore them all, but start with these top rated wineries. Hospitality and exceptionally crafted wines can be found at each one and we are sure you will find your wine oasis in one of these high quality choices. Explore the region and find the wine mecca you have been seeking tucked into the landscape of South Africa’s Cape Winelands!

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